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Engineering Studio Merlino Progetti We    are    an    Engineering    studio,    founded    in    1996    by    the    Engineer    Domenico Merlino;   from   his   first   job   till   today   we   have   completed   the   design   of   over   200 Projects in Abruzzo and worldwide. We   deal   with   Public   and   Private   Works:   we   are   involved   in   a   circular   workflow considering   both   details   and   global   activities,   looking   at   the   sustainability   of   the Project, its impact in the context, looking at long-term scenarios. Thanks   to   our   Teams   we   help   customers   to   shape   their   needs   in   accordance   with the   established   deadlines   and   budgets,   with   assistance   in   the   legal   aspects   if required.




ADDRESS Via Padre Ugo Frasca (Centro Direzionale Da.Ma.) 66100 CHIETI (CH) - ITALY PHONE: +39 0871 552751 FAX: +39 0871 540380
MAIL info@merlinoprogetti.it to contact the Management or office secretary. WORK WITH US jobs@merlinoprogetti.it to send your request.
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Preliminary design

and Analysis

We   are   able   to   plan   the   project   on the    base    of    an    analysis    of    the territorial,           regulatory           and bureaucratic     context.     We     direct our          clients          to          possible destinations       of       use:       Culture, Wellness   and   Education,   Industry and    Research,    Deep    Renovation, Urban           design,           Mixed-use, Commercial, Residential.

Works Management

We      guide      the      client      in      the implementation        process        with determination   and   accuracy,   be   it a     large     construction     site     or     a private       renovation.       We       can develop      CasaClima      certification and   Environmental   Protocols.   We encourage    our    customers    to    use the   building   efficiently:   "renewing" and     "restructuring"     will     be     the next keywords for the future.

Executive design

The     Project     comes     to     life:     the imagined   scenario   goes   to   reality, on    a    large    and    small    scale,    in compliance    with    the    established times   and   budget.   We   optimize   it based   on   the   companies   requests, without losing the objectives.


CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS: Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.  - Air One  –   Alma C.I.S. S.r.l.   -   Azienda agricola "La Casella" (Ficulle)  -  Azienda viticola "Marramiero" Masseria Sant’Andrea  (Rosciano) Azienda viticola    "Podere Castorani"   (Alanno, Pescara)    -    Burgo S.p.A.   (Torino)  Camera  di  Commercio  di Chieti  -  Toto S.p.A.  -  Legacoop  -  Consorzio Innovais 1 (Pescara)  -  Gruppo Primavera (Chieti) - Ico S.p.A. (Pescara) - Maglione S.r.l. (Chieti) Q8   Kuwait   Petroleum   Italia  S.p.A.  -  Rete 8 (Chieti) - Rewe S.p.A. (Milano) - Sarni S.p.A.  (Chieti)  - Società Parco Paglia (Chieti) - Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio"
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